Sunday, 26 October 2014

Moving on up!

Hey guys, long time no post! Well I thought I'd swing by to let you know what's going on.

I'm looking to move my blogging in to a different direction, hopefully moving in to video tutorials and vlogs as well. So I'm moving more in to make up, tutorials, SFX/Horror make up, reviews, that sort of thing.

I've been constructing this blog for the past month or so and have 3 active posts on there now, I'm hoping you guys would take a look, see if it's your cup of tea and hopefully follow!


This blog will still be active for a while as I have sponsored posts coming up, but it hope you guys will support me in my new blog as nicely as you have supported me here.

All my love!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Prom Wear: Long Dresses

Hi lovers, long time so see I know! Third year of training is upon me and if I'm not in rehearsals 9-6 Monday to Friday, then I'm working/catching up on work on the weekends, which makes keeping up a blog quite difficult at the moment, and also a little note, I'm currently working up a new style of blog with what time I have of an evening, which will hopefully include a video side of things, I won't say too much now but keep your eyes peeled!

Anyway, now I know this is early but I've done a post before for this lovely company and they have approached me again with their newly refurbished website, and let me tell you, I am in awe of how beautiful these dresses are, and, more importantly, at an absolute steal. So if you have your room this school year girlies, or even if you have a black tie event to go to, this website is THE place for you to take a look.

This is the first in a series of 4 posts, this one mainly focusing on their gorgeous floor-length dresses. Now, as I mentioned in my last post for, as well as having standard sizes available to order, they also have the option to input your measurements, and for just an extra £15, they will make your perfect dress. And seeing as their prices are so amazing an extra £15 is a great deal in my book.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection, now bear in mind there are 18 full pages of different dresses, available in every colour you could imagine, but here are just my personal faves.
Who doesn't love a summery pop of yellow? Not so bright as to burn your retinas, but enough to stand out definitely. And a timeless shape, perfect for prom!

A similar style here, but a difference in the bodice, and a lovely ombré from a baby pink to a gorgeous salmon colour! Again, effortless, but still stunning nevertheless.

I love love love flowered bodices on dresses, and not quite white so no trouble in looking too bridal, this would suit all my lovely brunettes out there! Pale or tanned, you'll rock this dress no problem!

I had to fit this sexy little number in here! With some stunning red lips, this ensemble would be the star of your prom! Need I say anymore?

Please head over to to look at their entire collection of Floor Length Prom Dresses, you'll have to see the prices to believe them! I definitely spent way too much on the totally wrong dress back when I had my prom (way back when..) so make sure you have something you love, that didn't break the bank!

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Friday, 27 June 2014

mom jeans: river island, crop top: topshop

Happy Summer! It's been so difficult to get an outfit post organised! It's been a full month, now that is shameful, apologies and accept my love please. A lot of lovely things have happened over the past month, me and my wonderful boyfriend went on holiday to the gorgeous Amadores in Gran Canaria, it was the most perfect holiday and we'll never forget it. I've also moved out of my student house in London and am officially back in Plymouth for the Summer, which makes me happy, I'm working with my boyfriend and ready for a long and happy break with him and our families.

Now, outfit time, I've been living in my mom jeans more recently, probably as the weather ain't as glorious anymore, and they fit the climate. Now this is a newly featured crop top, but I wore it a fair bit on holiday, I love the colour and the fit is nice, I have a slight issue with the fact that my bra is rather obvious, depending on the bra I can sometimes get away with it, but it's still a bit of a faf to be honest.

I promised I would be doing more nail-based posts, but I have also failed you there up until now! I will be photographing more of my nail art technique and doing tutorials, but I have a query, do you guys prefer video tutorials, or posted step by step written tutorials? As I don't do videos at the moment, but it might be an idea to get in to! If you guys would like that of course.

Hope you're all enjoying your week!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Gingham lace

top: new look (generation 915), trousers: topshop

Happy summer! Well summer holidays to most of us university students that is! I have just completed my second year of my Musical Theatre degree, and have passed every module! So I am happily back home in Plymouth for 4 glorious months with my family and my boyfriend. 

This is my favourite outfit at the moment, seems as if I say that with every new outfit that I post recently, but it's very true! The top is quite the godsend, another piece from the generation 915 kids section of New Look but I never have any problems with their clothing so I cannot complain about the fact I'm wearing kids clothes half the time! It's lovely for this time of year, and the crotchet detail at the bottom is a lovely touch. Now these trousers are my favourite things, I get so many nice compliments on the lovely gingham pattern, and they are perfect for this time of the year, not quite scorching weather but the bright colour and lightweight is a perfect compromise! 

I hope everyone's enjoying their holidays if you're a fellow student and I hope you did well in all your exams, if not have an equally lovely week! 

Monday, 19 May 2014

a boho thing

crop top: miss selfridge, culottes: H&M

I hope this gorgeous weather is treating everyone as nicely as it's treating me! And because of the glorious sunshine the lovely summer clothes can make their long awaited appearance.

 I went major holiday shopping this past Friday with my boyfriend (2 weeks today and we head out to Gran Canaria for 10 days, yay!) and picked up way over £100 worth of stuff, and these 2 pieces were part of that lot. I've wanted these types of crop tops for ages, to wear in the summer and also to wear as part of an evening ensemble, so I bought the black and the white so they can go with a wide variety of outfits. These are available in different stores such as Topshop/River Island, I would honestly recommend the Miss Selfridge range they are more substantial in their material, in the other stores I tried on the white crop top and it would be very see through, but the Miss Selfridge one is substantial enough not to be like that.

Now these culottes, they are the comfiest things I've worn! To be quite honest, I wouldn't described these as something I would wear, I don't own any other bottoms like these, but I figured for summer I would need some lightweight longish trousers for the days when I just don't fancy shorts (which is a lot!) and these fit that brief perfectly, and at only £14.99, I couldn't say no!

Lots of love!

Monday, 28 April 2014

prom wear

It's that time of year! I know it's 2 months in advance for all the British school proms, but I know for a fact girls will be looking for dresses and getting prepared for it as soon as right now.

Now my prom is a distant memory, back 4 years ago now, but I definitely remember the army-like preparation for the big day, and the scoping of dozens of dress shops and accessory shops! Here's a nostalgia filled photo of my lovely prom day (June 2010)

Now, as a typical girl, I love a good shopping spree, but I remember for a fact the pain of finding a dress that fitted properly, the only reason I could wear this one was because we had it altered (at a hefty fee, unfortunately) as there seemed to be no dresses anywhere in my size (pretty much a 4 at that time)

I wish I had the option and idea to order my prom dress online, custom made, with my precise measurements able to be shipped directly to me.

There are many website able to do this now adays, and a website I have fallen in love with, firstly because of their custom sizing option, and also for their fabulous range and variety of beautiful prom dresses (they also sell wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, which are also stunning!), is Miss Wedding Wear, they sell wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses and various other event dresses. Here are some of my favourite prom dresses, they are also really reasonably priced, the amount of girls in my year at school who'd spent upwards of £400 on their prom dress, and most of these beautiful pieces retail at less than £100, I think they're stunning and affordable, and hopefully will help you beautiful girls to look back on your prom with happy memories!

And all these beautiful pieces (plus another 58 pages of other beauties!) also come in any colour imaginable, they also come in standard sizes, or in custom made-to-measure sizes.

So, if you're struggling to pick the perfect dress for the big day, take a little visit to Miss Wedding Wear and pick from a gigantic range of various styles, lengths and colours, and make prom a wonderful day to remember, for an affordable price!

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

momma's and beverages

t-shirt: primark, mom jeans: river island

Hola kids! So I bought a lovely new outfit today! The weather is so lushous at the moment, so I needed a slightly more fitting outfit for the climate, so ta dah! 

Now I've been debating on Mom jeans for a while now, I went off the idea when I tried on a less that flattering pair in Republic a few months back, but I spied these beauties in River Island and thought I'd give them a second chance. Thank goodness I did because I am officially in love! They are so comfy and the light, slightly acid wash colour is perfect for this kind of weather. Highly recommend these, at £40 they are a stretch money wise, but they come with a thick belt, and they are very well made so it's really worth it.

I thought this tee was adorable, and it's a nice fit on me, so I bought it. Pretty simple explanation for that one really.

Hope everyone is enjoying their easter, and hope the weather is as wonderful where you are, like it is here in London!