Wednesday, 8 January 2014

back with a twist

Hi there lovelies! Still got a few followers on this old thing so instead of creating an entire new blog to start over, plus I'm still very much in to my fashion and outfit posts so there will definitely be a few of them kicking around here, but I am definitely going to change the focus of this blog a wee bit.

Basically I wan to direct this more towards nail art, I have always been a keen nail artist with various leopard prints and colours and other variables! But I wanted to make this purely about that, to help me out with designs and hopefully things for the terrifying concept of my future, lame but teehee! But also for you guys, ideas and all that, and I love networking with other bloggers and our cute sites are always great to browse!

For now I shall leave you with some of my recent works, and then hope to get on to regular posting after this week of torturous exams and assessments! Happy New Year!

l. pink w/ polka dots & a neon pink fur ring finger

stunning neon yellow