Thursday, 5 April 2012

Ahh, you absolute babes! You lovely lot, 100 followers! I'll have to do some kind of giveaway as a thank you! Watch this space..
Just really wanted to thank you, that is all!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

~ bread roll head

| leather jacket: zara | bodycon dress: topshop |

Oh hello there, god I need to blog more, disgraceful!
I've been spending SO much money on clothes recently, so there'll be some fresh, new outfit posts!
I love this dress, it reminds me so much of Jessie J's style, so obviously I bought it, haha! I'm having a phase of Jessie J love recently, so expect more outfits like this!

Today is going to be such a day! Me and my best friend are clearing out my wardrobe, so there will hopefully be loads of stuff going on Ebay today, if I remember how I'll post the links here. More than likely lots of outfits featured on my blog will be going up for sale, so if you liked them, grab them!