Wednesday, 26 March 2014

it's an animal thing

dress: topshop, jumper: zara

Ahh, I had the best discovery on the weekend. I visited home to see my new foster brother and I had a wee old rummage around my closet and found about 20 items of clothing that I haven't worn in about 3/4 years! This is a uniform dress from back when I worked for Topshop (Summer 2011) and I bought the jumper to go with it, it's the most adorable outfit ever, and I stopped wearing it when the dress and jumper got too small as I grew up, but now nearly 4 years later it fits again, and it's the cutest little ensemble with my patent black brogues and tights.

The weather has taken an ugly turn again, feels almost like winter again! Too cold and I am a misery for it! Assignments and Practical Assessments are taking over my life at the moment, Easter break this Friday cannot come any quicker! 2 weeks off to regain some sanity!

Hope everyone is having a super week!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

a summer change

jumper: oasis, sleeveless shirt: mango, floral trousers: zara

It's finally warmer! Thank goodness, I thought I'd have no time to wear all my summer clothing, but it's around 15/16 degrees, while it's not tropical yet, I'm finally able to leave my sheepskin at home and not be a shivering mess. 

Mother bought this sleeveless shirt for me, apparently mango was having a mega sale and she couldn't contain herself, so she picked me up this, a top for holiday, white jeans, navy shimmery jeans (they sound rank, but they are actually brilliant) and a few other bits and bobs, which I'm sure I'll feature soon. The good old faithful floral trousers make their second appearance, they are so easy and so comfortable I can't not wear them on days like this! 

I hope you're all enjoying this lovely change in weather also!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

starting my life book

I'm finally doing it! I've wanted to start one of these for beyond a long time now, it's a struggle being a perfectionist as I can never bring myself to start books/journals/scrapbooks as I'm too worried about ruining them. But I've done it, and it's started now, so I've got to carry on through now!

I purchased this leather journal from Urban Outfitters (£26) and never wanted to ruin it, so it's been sat on my side for nearly 2 months without so much as a pencil touching the pages. Now there are at least 6 full pages.

A life book for me, is to document my days, but not like a diary, through illustrations and blunt, honest thoughts about the day, things to look forward to, and coping mechanisms for me in every day life. I won't take pictures of my day by day pages as there are personal things about my life that are not going to be publicised, but the back of this book features my 100 item Bucket List.

6 of the goals are listed above, but they cover every avenue and very varied subject areas, but I've always wanted to make a detailed and an extended Bucket List, so I can make my life more exciting and create memories for myself and my family/friends.

If any of you have a similar life book/scrapbook/journal, please link me as I love reading about other peoples journaling!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

happy pancake day

Happy Pancake Day for tomorrow beauties! I never really partake in Pancake Day, but I love looking at wonderful recipes for the sweet things online, so I thought for all of you who can enjoy it, you can give these different recipes a go, I'd love to see if you make any of these, so give me a link if you do!

These chocolate pancakes with caramelised banana are deliciously good, adults and kids alike will love these!

Mini pancakes with boozy fruits are a store-cupboard pudding and are perfect for Pancake Day.

Chocolate Galore! Sweet and scrumptious!

A traditional Polish filling for pancakes with a sweet cream cheese filling.

Dulce De Leche is a beautiful filling for pancakes and a wonderful recipe for Pancake Day!

5 beautiful recipes for the lovely day! Looking through recipes is one of my favourite things to do so looking through all these scrummy ones was a fun way to spend my afternoon! I hope you're all doing some interesting and yummy recipes for Pancake Day and I look forward to seeing all your pictures and some more scrumptious recipes!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

the gap fit

jumper: gap, trousers: topshop, satchel: river island

Hola kiddies! Now the weather has decided to warm up slightly outfits like this are now okay to wear out with maybe a thin jacket, rather than layer upon layer of vests, jumpers and jackets and looking like a drowned ant! Now I got this jumper from Gap at the Clarkes Shopping Village outlined in my last outfit post! I love it a lot, it worked really well with a collared shirt as a combo as well, and I love that look. 

Now, these trousers are a small love affair of mine, I tried them on a while ago (when they were full price) and they didn't have my size and the 8 I tried on hanged off so I was a bit gutted, but when mother and father visited me and we strolled down Oxford St, I found them, in my size and in the sale for £20 down from £40! So I was chuffed to say the least really! I love their high waisted detail, so I can tuck jumpers or shirts in and also there's never any constant hoiking them up, which is a plus!

This satchel is my best friend at the moment, I seem to have a lot of greens in my outfits recently, so this satchel has been making a fair few appearances. My mum picked this out for me and gave it to me for Christmas, she always seems to pick up little gems for me, so I thank her for that!

When sligtly warmer I wear this without a jacket or anything, and it remains comfortable throughout the day, so I have to say, it's perfect for this time of year.