Sunday, 14 April 2013

~ you should be here with me instead.

galaxy tee: missguided
wet look leggings: internacionale
high tops: primark

This is a bit of a lazy day outfit at the moment, but it's cute enough right? This galaxy print is doing it for me at the moment as well! It's beautiful, lazy but still something about it. Plus the leggings are BEYOND comfortable, comfortable is a vast understatement. 
And the cutest shoes, can't be affording converses at the moment so these are a great sub! And at only £7 who's complaining? NOT ME.
How cute are my nails also? You may all be surprised to learn that these are cheap stick-on nails from ....wait for it... PRIMARK. £1, with glue included! The glue is durable as well, I never expect much from cheap glue, but it's been 4 days of wearing them now, and none of them are even loose, so I'm very pleased. There were plenty of other patterns to choose from too, all really cute! I'm too lazy to do my own nail art at the moment as well, plus I left all my nail equipment in London, so this was a happy alternative!
1 week left at home for Easter, and I'm having a lovely time at home having a break, although I'm not really having a break I have 6 essays to do, filming on Wednesday and Thursday so I'm learning lines, catching up on voice journals, singing journals, acting journals, dance journals, stage combat journals, honestly it's never ending at the moment! But I'm getting on top of everything, slowly but surely. 
I'm sure everyone's having a lovely Easter, although most people have returned to studies now! Seems to be just LCM that can't organise an Easter break that actually included Easter Sunday.. We had the long weekend, 4 days of study THEN our 2 week Easter break... perfectly normal, right? No.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

~ and i will hold you even though you're slightly mad.

hat: h&m
crop top: eBay, similar here (and only £2.99!)
shorts: missguided
denim jacket(old): oasis

Cheeky bit of denim on denim going on here, but we must all break some rules at some point, and here I regret nothing! Now, I know the shown crop top was not £2.99, but this is my friends which she purchased off of eBay, so while looking for my own to buy, I saw how cheap they can be! A lackin' in £££ at the moment though, so I'm waiting for the funds to purchase a few and probably in a few different colours too, they are so cute! 
These shorts have also become a staple in most outfits I wear, they are so flattering and I never have to worry about them, I used to have a pair similar but they'd always roll up and I'd have to fiddle with them constantly, not these! Honestly, if they're still on the website I recommend them if you are looking for a decent pair of hotpants, they are a dream.
The hat was a godsend, not even an exaggeration, I have a VERY large head. I imagine some of you chuckled whilst reading that, most people do, but seriously, I have a larger head than my Dad and my brother, a normal woman has a head circumference of around 52/3cm, mine is 58.5cm. Yes it's LARGE, and I'd been looking for a cute little hat for a very long time, trawling through endless high street shops, charity shops, eBay, online. But every one was either a one size, or the largest one was 55cm. But I am forever thankful to h&m, who's largest hat size is 58cm, hallelujah, and it fits perfectly!
The denim jacket is SO old, I got it 18+ months ago when working the Christmas sales at Oasis, was only £20 - staff discount. I don't know if it'll be around anywhere, but the style is still around everywhere!
In regards to life at the moment, I did a bit of an eBay haul today! There are a few bits up on my account which is here but as I've got a new account I can only put up 10 items for auction per month, ANGER! But I'm relying on Mumma Perrin to allow me her account, which is a older one and has no monthly limit like these fancy new ones.