Monday, 14 November 2011

French Leopard Sweep // 13/11/11

So I've just spent about 40 minutes on these nails, lovely as they are! They are honestly so simple to do. No need to manicure your nails before hand or have acrylics or anything. I picked up a french nail press-on set from.. wait for it.. PRIMARK. Yes, primarni itself. £1, 24 pre-filed nails including glue. They fit my nails perfectly and are a good length, the glue's a bit crappy but hey ho.
So I popped a bit of base coat on top, then i plopped little dots of Topshop Heart of Gold varnish across one half of the nail. Then  you add the leopard detail with Wah Nail Art Pen in black, you can use liquid eyeliner as long as you add a top coat, and even out the sweep with some large and small dots with the pen.
And here's the finished result!

Very proud of this! And here's a crappy close-up

So there we go! I did it in one go aswell, no mess and no fuss! If any of you lovelies have any nail art you're particularly proud of, send me a picture! I'd love to give it a try :-)


  1. Oh my god these nails are beautiful! No wonder you're so proud of them x

  2. this looks amazing!! so professional looking! where do you buy your nail art pens from??

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. just in boots, by Wah Nails for Model's Own :)

    ahaa, thanks lovelies! xo

  4. They look amazing! I find it really difficult to do leopard print but im definitely going to try again now.

  5. practice makes perfect hun! the age-old saying is true :) xo

  6. WOW. Ok the best thing i'v ever done to my nails is paint them without smudging - this is something else.

  7. these are amazing! love them!