Monday, 7 November 2011

Lace and Mispractice // 07/11/11

  • dress - oasis
Urgh, please excuse the hideous state of me, I'm just home from a 6 hour shift at work, and I'm pretty pooped! But I just had to show of my beautiful dress!! I have never loved a dress more in my life..
It was an extra piece of uniform from work, each store has to pick an extra piece to look as glam as possible, and at 75% off I was pretty happy to only pay £12.50 for this BEAUTY!

I'm loving work by the way, I'm fully till trained already, and my boss has already put me in a Visual Merchandising workshop tomorrow, to learn about mannequin placement and fixtures around the store, I was chuffed when she told me!

Anyway, I thought I'd share it with you! Do you guys have an absolute favourite dress? Do share!


  1. such a beautiful dress, the colour suits you really well and I really like the lace detailing. Never can go wrong with a lace dress :) xx

  2. You lucky thing! The dress is stunning. x

  3. The dress look very pretty on you!