Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wine and Tramps // 02/11/11

Well, I'm dressed like a complete tramp! But a comfy, stylish tramp so all is well! These leggings are the comfiest bottoms EVER. Dead chuffed with them, I practically live in them at the moment, but as I'm back at college now, I should probably start making an effort again.
And I can literally shove this cardi on over any outfit I've got, it's a comfy addition to anything. A bit steep at £42, but I'd only just got paid so I wasn't even looking at price tags! I need to calm down.. I'm getting so many hours at Oasis though, so maybe I won't bother cutting down my spending ahaa..

  • racer vest - h&m
  • leopard leggings and granddad cardi - topsop

I finally succumbed to my urges for Models Own, I love the nail pen, I'm currently playing with it and having a right fun ol' time. And the colour is called Fuzzy Beach, I need it for a late Halloween party on Friday, I'm going as a leopard (SHOCK!)


  1. love this outfit, comfy but still fashionable!

    LoveFaye xoxo