Monday, 10 September 2012

~ but that would have been too kind.

| open-knit jumper(size XS): oasis | jade jeggings(size 8): oasis | nails: Chiffon Pink Nailene Gel Polish |

Jeez, the most au naturale post EVER going on right here. Hey ho, I needed to do a post but I forgot about it until after the nightly beauty regime, you'll get over it I'm sure. This is literally my new favourite thing, the open-knit jumper! So easy to wear, and it's lovely and over-sized, I do love that trait in jumpers. It's slighlty dip-hemmed too, which is a nice touch to the jumper. I've been wearing it loads and it looks really sweet when my hair is in it's signature messy/disheveled bun. 
I've invested in the Sensationail Gel Nails kit, instead of forking out 299 quid for a CND course, I saw this in Boots for a mere £69.99, which is still steep, but it comes with everything you need including the LED lamp and a colour of nail polish! I've been using it non-stop since I got it just after my birthday, even giving out manicures to friends (I'm hoping to use this as a small way of making money up in London, probably a fiver per manicure, and in London that's an absolute steal, but I need more practice on people who won't moan if I mess up! Thank god for friends and family) I tried it out first on my beautiful best friend Danielle, and bless her she had a little stumpy thumb nail at the time, so it was good practice actually! Here's the finished result (plus some little polka-dot nail art, as I am quite the sucker for it)
(grubbiest table ever, officially my "nail table")
(Professor Chaos and General Disarray, chilling in the background)

Had quite a lot of fun doing this haha! A few mishaps, but it was my first time, bless me. But it was fun, and I plan to keep doing it up there, so hopefully I can get a few extra pennies by just doing flatmates or coursemates nails to start with, then they can tell friends of friends etc, I can hope!
It's now only 4 days until moving day, I've just had a quick check of my blog and I don't think I've mentioned that I've managed to transfer my job up to London! But I'm transferring to the Warehouse in the White City/Westfield shopping centre! As they're both within Aurora Fashions it's really easy to transfer. I kind of knew where the shopping centre was, but I'd never taken a look at it before, but me and my parents spent most of this evening trolling through the site and all the stores, OH MY GOODNESS, it's absolutely massive! I'm genuinely in disbelief! It's giant, and the Warehouse store is really big too! I've got my interview/chat on Saturday, really looking forward to that!
It's all happening so quickly now! Eek.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

~ he was supposed to love me.

| playsuit(size 8): missguided | "chunkster" shoes: new look |

This was the playsuit I wore out Saturday night! Totally didn't have time to do an outfit post on the day for this beauty, but it's here now! And I wore my KILLER "chunksters" which I am in love with, instant stick thin legs with these, joy! 
The playsuit is so pretty, the lace detail is right up my street, classy and elegant, and yet it's got the cheekiest shorts ever! Best of both worlds. The only bad thing is the belt, I love it, but it's naff, it came undone every couple of minutes, so I had to paperclip it together, but aside from that it's pretty great.
Great outfit = Great night out! That's how it works, right?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

~ I'm always in this twilight.

| oversized tee (Size XS): oasis | scallop-edged shorts(Size 8): oasis | polka-dot tights(small/medium): oasis | pumps: deichmann | biker jacket(Size XS): zara |

So sorry! I know I promised birthday outfit posts, but alas my weekend was JAM PACKED, and rightly so! It was incredible! My birthday was such a lovely day and with it being payday as well I spent quite a lot of time online shopping, hehe. I got so many lovely things, my gorgeous best friend Danielle got me 18 presents for my 18th birthday, including a little package with a note saying "the one you have loose" and I opened it, it was a screw, the screw I have loose, she thinks she's funny. Along with a lot of leopard print things, ahh she knows me so well. I had a fabulous party too, lots of lovely people and was lovely to see them all again before I leave. It's not the greatest picture, and as you can tell I'm royally sloshed by this point of the evening, but this was my outfit!

Little aqua/turquoise mini dress, loved it! And then I went out last night as well, I'm probably going to do a quick post on that one tomorrow, as it's a Missguided playsuit it's incredible! Really cheeky shorts, but hey ho I do not care! I'll try and be more regular with posting from now on, been such a mental weekend. But thanks to those who wished me a happy birthday too, means a lot!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

~ we were barely seventeen.

Just a quick PRE-BIRTHDAY POST! I'm too excited to sleep and have drained every other entertainment resource available to me, pretty much. So I took au naturaaaaal pictures and decided to do a weirdly un-fashion related blog post to pass the time, an hour and 9 minutes, totally not counting... Now an hour and 8.
It's been an especially long wait for this day for me! My best friend was 18 last March and has been waiting patiently for me for 17 months to turn the big 1 8! Most of my pals have been 18 for a considerable amount of time as well, so while they've all been going "Yeah let's hit Oceana tonight" I've been replying "Oh cool, have fun guys, I'll just watch Bargain Hunt." literally.. That is no word of a lie..
I'll most definitely do an outfit post with the full ensemble tomorrow! I'm getting my make-up done at Smashbox tomorrow (for free I might add, woop woop) So I'll definitely be telling you how that was tomorrow, and you'll see the finish results. And I found the PERFECT nail varnish for my dress, literally a perfect match, thankfully! Oh well, you'll all see it tomorrow, how good the blog posts will be I have no idea because I plan to drink most of the day tomorrow, I'm 18. Deal with it.

Monday, 27 August 2012

~ stay, mister.

| peplum top(size XS):  oasis | jade jeggings(size 8): oasis | nails: Model's Own "Feeling Blue" |

Hello cutest top everrr, lacey white peplum beauty! Got it a while back actually, been wearing it so much! And paired with my favourite ever jeans I've ever owned! It's so easy to dress up or down, I wore it to a little house party with these jeans and my KILLER new look chunkys, and it was such a cute outfit, and I never had to worry about it. 
Thought I'd show my new medical bracelet as it'll be making regular appearances as it's got a really difficult clasp and I have absolutely no idea how to get it off my wrist, but yeah, new and shiny, but mostly just looks like a simple arm chain.
4 days and counting, birthday time is quickly upon us!

Saturday, 25 August 2012


Houndstooth and Chain Jacket: £69.99 @ Zara

The local Zara in my mall tragically shut down a few months ago (stupid Apple store took it over, boo), so I have been totally missing out on Zara's amazing tailoring and classic prints. I have been after a jacket like this for ages, something a bit heavier than a cardigan and lighter than my biker jacket, this would be PERFECT! Seeing as the print is big and bold, yet still B&W, I could pair this with SO many things, and could dress it up or down for casual or for the night. As there's no Zara near me anymore, I shall have to wait until I'm up in London and knowing my way around, or I could order it. Only 6 days until my birthday AND payday, that shall be a plentiful day, maybe I'll treat myself for my birthday.. Hmm..

Thursday, 23 August 2012

~ back to what I was before.

| printed top(size 8): oasis | skirt(size 6): H&M |

I've loved this top since I bought it about a week ago, but I literally couldn't find anything to wear with it, to really show off it's cool and unique shape. I've had this little skirt for like so many years now, and I tend to neglect it and it never really sees the light of day much, but I was having a tidy and re-discovered the beauty! Then it clicked that they would be a very cute pairing! And I think it looks really cute together, so there we go, a new outfit made of new and old, love it!
The nails don't really go with the outfit but, haha, they go with my work uniform! Model's Own in Pastel Pink with a Wah Nails for Model's Own pink nail pen to do the leopard art. Something a little different, and it looks really cute against my work outfit as the nail art pen is slightly fluorescent, so it really makes them pop!
It's only a week tomorrow until my birthday!! You guys have no idea how excited I am getting, it's finally so close! Also, congrats to everyone who got their GCSE results, hope you got what you wanted!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Paisley Print Blouse: £165 @ Urban Outfitters

I pretty much think this entire outfit is bang on, but I am dying over this shirt! It is so cute I can't even get over it, I'm definitely ignoring the price tag.. Y'know, pretending it's about a tenner.. Just for my sanity. I do love the entire ensemble, and those shoes are pretty sweet! I cannot justify spending that much on a blouse though, it's way too extravagant, maybe this will inspire a mass search for a similar knock-off for a tenth of the price, (fingers crossed!), as I need this shirt in my life.

Monday, 20 August 2012

~ back to the sun, back to the shore.

| blouse(size XS): zara | jade jeggings(size 8): oasis | blinging shoes: oasis | nails: models own "feeling blue" |

Oh how victorian this blouse makes me feel, had it for years and I still love it just as much. It's quite thin and it's an easy way to spice up a simple pair of jeans and plain pumps, a nice frilly top! And again, living in the Jade Jeggings, so soft, comfy and slimming, honestly my legs look incredible in them (not to sound too conceited, mind). These are the shoes I have been after for months! Been literally oggling them in work, but alas, they sold out of my size straight away, as per usual. But about a week ago we had a random replenishment tote in, and there they were! I must admit, I squealed a little bit.. But they are golden, honestly. They are soft, so no breaking in period! Can literally wear them to my hearts content and no blisters! They do really jazz up any plain outfit, and I also got a bag in work that matches them PERFECTLY (see here), it was the perfect day for shopping in work, that's the problem with working in Oasis, I earn the money and then in goes directly back in to their tills, sly boots..
I rediscovered my love for Model's Own polish yesterday! This blue is SO vibrant, people are really drawn to it haha! Something simple, but still pops without the hassle of adding nail art, just not feeling it this time, haha!
It's now only 11 days until my birthday! Eek, I guess I'll have to grow up soon... NAAAAHT. But me and mother went in town today, we've already got my birthday party dress (here) and we bought some gorgeous nude patent platforms from Debenhams, and then a matching patent bag from Next, (here and here), birthday outfit finally sorted! And 25 days until I move to London, oh my gosh. It's finally becoming real, me and mumma are getting emotional every evening with the same conversation "who is going to hug me when I go to bed up there, Em?" I love that woman, and will probably Skype her every night for that cuddle.. Bless..


Hillary Strapless Body: £25 @ Motel 

I absolutely love bodys at the moment, I don't actually have one (..yet) but I'm just thinking in my mind so many gorgeous outfits they can make up! This one especially is so beautiful, it's just a gorgeous print and the colours it contains will literally go with so much, the main colour is black so that's a gem right there, but there is some navy, green, pink, cream, so you can pop in with so many different shoes/trousers/skirts/bags etc! I've made a new rule for myself, if I can't think of about half a dozen things for an item to go with, I am not allowed to buy it (okay maybe mother made that rule, but it does make sense.. I guess.)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

~ it's your chance to make it.

| jade jeggings (size 8): oasis | van-alikes: deichmann | relaxed t-shirt(size 6): oasis

Got my girl to do my photos for me today, a proper full length outfit post for the first time! Thank Danielle for that one! It was a pretty simplistic look for me today, wasn't up to much, so it was nice and casual. LOVE the relaxed tee though, comfy and oversized makes for a nice but a bit fashionable too, not a total tramp haha! I have no idea where this scarf is from btw, my mother bought it back from Turkey, probably from a cheapy market school, but it's too cute right? Brightens up my plain outfit right? Good! Well that's what I was going for, hopefully it came across.. hopefully...
Good luck and congrats to everyone who got their results on Thursday! Hopefully you got what you needed and more!