Thursday, 23 August 2012

~ back to what I was before.

| printed top(size 8): oasis | skirt(size 6): H&M |

I've loved this top since I bought it about a week ago, but I literally couldn't find anything to wear with it, to really show off it's cool and unique shape. I've had this little skirt for like so many years now, and I tend to neglect it and it never really sees the light of day much, but I was having a tidy and re-discovered the beauty! Then it clicked that they would be a very cute pairing! And I think it looks really cute together, so there we go, a new outfit made of new and old, love it!
The nails don't really go with the outfit but, haha, they go with my work uniform! Model's Own in Pastel Pink with a Wah Nails for Model's Own pink nail pen to do the leopard art. Something a little different, and it looks really cute against my work outfit as the nail art pen is slightly fluorescent, so it really makes them pop!
It's only a week tomorrow until my birthday!! You guys have no idea how excited I am getting, it's finally so close! Also, congrats to everyone who got their GCSE results, hope you got what you wanted!


  1. beautiful!!!!

    xoxo Thania

  2. Such a pretty top, I love the shoulder detail :) x

  3. Love your nails!

  4. hey pretty! you look absolutely gorgeous! ♥ xx

  5. Love the outfit and your nails again!

  6. Love those nails!