Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Re did my nails today, won't do a full outfit post as I've spent a lot of today cleaning my room, and I'm  COVERED in dust and rubbish. But my nails, are looking smashing..
  • stay perfect so simple by No7
  • 2true shade 9 by Superdrug

A little stained from the last colour I wore, but hey ho. YOU'LL GET OVER IT.

And some fabulous news from my home life! My family just bought a JUKE BOX! They've got a record player which they loved so much, but it broke. So they thought rather than buying another one, go FULL ON and buy a massive sexy amazing juke box.
Dad went to Swindon today to collect it.

I love that you can see all the workings, it's so authentic!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Earring Tip!

Does anyone else have a problem wearing earrings that aren't genuine gold? I have really sensitive ears and they react REALLY badly when I wear kind of cheap earrings, which is such a shame because I have my pink feather earrings which I love to death and wear as much as I can. But it literally gets to the point where my ears will crust around the earring, and I will have to pull until I'm in pain to get the earring out of my ears. And I was only wearing them for about 4 hours, while at work.

But my mother, the gem that she is, shared a little bit of her wisdom with me the other day. If you take the said earrings, some clear nail varnish (base/top coat will work as well) and if you liberally paint the part of the earring that goes in the ear, and then when it's dry it shouldn't irritate your ear, because it forms a little protective barrier, keeping the gold that isn't genuine away from your delicate little ears.

So these are my pesky earrings that are always causing my ears to crust, and they're always really sore for a few days after wearing them, so grab any clear nail polish, and get painting!

All painted, and I wore them today, no problems at all! They didn't crust and they slipped in and out easily. Thank you mother, another one of your pearls of knowledge!

Sunday, 23 October 2011


  • nails - 2true shade 30 by superdrug
I would've done the nail post in with the outfit posts, but I had to angle the photos/camera differently so it wasn't all in line, and I'm too much of a perfectionist for that! I am pretty addicted to this colour I must say, doesn't chip, doesn't smudge, dries in minutes and looks great! And, weirdly, it goes with everything I have!
Red is a pretty versatile colour, so it's a good pick, it's looks so dark in the picture, I don't know whether it's the light or the flash, but it's a lot more red in real life.

I had an Oasis interview on Friday! It went really well, and I have a second interview in the week. I've got my H Samuel interview tomorrow which I'm dead excited for too!
I also popped my CV in to Accessorize and Swarovski today as well, I was on my way to work and they're after people with sales experience over Christmas. No matter how badly Topshop have treated me, it is a GEM to have on my CV, retail and fashion experience at the busiest clothes store in Plymouth, everywhere loves it! 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What's In Emily's Bag!

So I'm incredibly bored at home, by myself, with nothing in the cupboards to eat, so I thought I'd do a wee video.
What's In Emily's Bag:

I watched Gok's Fashion Roadshow last night and he did a GORGEOUS look called tailoring, and the expensive look was a khaki pant suit, fitted and tailored etc. And the budget look were these tapered trousers and a shirt, I bought some tapered trousers the other day in the sale at work, so I'm currently working Gok's budget tailored look! Very budget, £16 for the trousers and £10 for the shirt!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Emily's growing up!

I felt oh so grown up today, I made my first ever meal, from scratch, today! It was my day off so I decided to flip through mumma's healthy cooking books, and found an easy to follow recipe for chicken fried rice!

Ughh, please excuse the lack off effort, I had no where to go so made no attempt to look acceptable. Loving the lounge wear.
So as you can see the kitchen is hideously untidy, I sort of concentrated on not giving my family food poisoning more than tidying as I go along.. Dad tidied this mess later, thank you Daddy.
I felt like sharing my first experience of fending for my family! The compliments on it's taste also made me feel very accomplished.

Oh I need to add, as my Topshop contract nears the end (I'm only covering someone on maternity leave, and the manager messed up and told me it was permanent) I'm on the look out for work! I have an interview at H Samuel on Monday, so I'll definitely keep you updated on the jobhut front!


FINALLY! After weeks of trolling through every high street shop, through all the ebay pages and other online shops, my Mum bought me the PERFECT faux fur coat for winter!
  • coat - river island

I've never loved my mother so much, she spent 90 quid on this coat. She bought it a while back and was going to put it back for me for Christmas, but she needed to check if I liked it or not.
I LOVE IT! It's perfect, it's not too long, it's got cute little fur balls hanging from the neck, and a little hood. It's so sweet! It'll be lovely for winter, and if I go out in the evening, it'll be nice to just whack on if it's too cold.

Props to mother! She has an eye for style.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I've been looking for some good red lippy for MONTHS now, and the other day I got myself a voucher from boots for a fiver off No7 products. So I took a look and bought, THIS BEAUTY.

I have never thought I suited red lipstick before, but I LAVVVVVV it! And it's from their Stay Perfect range, so you can lick your lips, bite them, whatever and it does not smudge or come off on your teeth so there's no need to re-apply or worry about it being all over the place.

And for only £5 with the voucher, I am absolutely besotted with it!
10/10 A++ Distinction, etc etc..


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Goofy Face Post..

I'm so bored, I've resorted to this.. I'm shameful. Honestly I'm a 17 year old girl with a short college week and a small contract job, I should have some kind of social life! I hate that my lovely boy is 5 hours away and my friends all have demanding jobs/live the other side of Plymouth.

Ahh, well, make me jealous and tell me of your interesting plans this week? Although in all fairness I have a party tomorrow and two next Saturday, so things are hotting up!

I had a good crack at UCAS this morning in college as well, picked 3 of my choices so far and nearly everything else! I'm quite proud as the deadline isn't for another 6 weeks, I'm a very wait-until-the-last-minute kind of person. Although the personal statement is being viciously avoided, I'm awful at that kind of thing...

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Feather Glam // 01/10/11

  • vest - topshop
  • high-wasted jeans - topshop
  • earrings - republic
  • nails - gone fishing by topshop nails

GRANDMA DELL LIVES! Aaron has returned from Uni briefly to see the Wurzels over Tavistock way, so he's finished off my laptop! And it's okayy!! Well, it's survived. He's had to install Windows XP for it to run at all, and I'm having issues getting used to it. Also, the keyboard's gone all mentally ill, the button to do speech marks is usually Shift and the number 2 right? And to do a @ it's Shift and the apostrophe button. My two have completely swapped round! So I have to press Shift 2 for an @ sign and Shift apostrophe for a ". This is confusing just typing it!
Anyway, I had a nice shift at work today. It was glorious weather so it wasn't too manic. I loved my outfit, I bought this top on Friday with my wages, as it was low stock in Glam Underground at work, and I just HAD to get it, it's gorgeous! And looks good with a vest underneath, or a bandeau!
I LOVE MY EARRINGS! I've been looking for some feather earrings for so long! And these were a bargain at just 4 quid! (with 20% student discount), and they're so nice!
Oooh also a wee thing to mentioned, it's only a trial thing so only certain Topshop's will be taking part. But, I'll throw it out there anyway, if you successfully apply for a Topshop account card (no minimum spend needed, so potentially you could buy a nail varnish for a fiver and still get this gift) you will receive a Topshop make-up bag with nearly 20 quids worth of make-up! The prototype I got shown contained make-up wipes, a nail varnish, nail varnish remover pads and an eyeliner. And that is SO worth the money considering you don't have to spend a specific amount to receive it, band tidy eh?