Monday, 10 September 2012

~ but that would have been too kind.

| open-knit jumper(size XS): oasis | jade jeggings(size 8): oasis | nails: Chiffon Pink Nailene Gel Polish |

Jeez, the most au naturale post EVER going on right here. Hey ho, I needed to do a post but I forgot about it until after the nightly beauty regime, you'll get over it I'm sure. This is literally my new favourite thing, the open-knit jumper! So easy to wear, and it's lovely and over-sized, I do love that trait in jumpers. It's slighlty dip-hemmed too, which is a nice touch to the jumper. I've been wearing it loads and it looks really sweet when my hair is in it's signature messy/disheveled bun. 
I've invested in the Sensationail Gel Nails kit, instead of forking out 299 quid for a CND course, I saw this in Boots for a mere £69.99, which is still steep, but it comes with everything you need including the LED lamp and a colour of nail polish! I've been using it non-stop since I got it just after my birthday, even giving out manicures to friends (I'm hoping to use this as a small way of making money up in London, probably a fiver per manicure, and in London that's an absolute steal, but I need more practice on people who won't moan if I mess up! Thank god for friends and family) I tried it out first on my beautiful best friend Danielle, and bless her she had a little stumpy thumb nail at the time, so it was good practice actually! Here's the finished result (plus some little polka-dot nail art, as I am quite the sucker for it)
(grubbiest table ever, officially my "nail table")
(Professor Chaos and General Disarray, chilling in the background)

Had quite a lot of fun doing this haha! A few mishaps, but it was my first time, bless me. But it was fun, and I plan to keep doing it up there, so hopefully I can get a few extra pennies by just doing flatmates or coursemates nails to start with, then they can tell friends of friends etc, I can hope!
It's now only 4 days until moving day, I've just had a quick check of my blog and I don't think I've mentioned that I've managed to transfer my job up to London! But I'm transferring to the Warehouse in the White City/Westfield shopping centre! As they're both within Aurora Fashions it's really easy to transfer. I kind of knew where the shopping centre was, but I'd never taken a look at it before, but me and my parents spent most of this evening trolling through the site and all the stores, OH MY GOODNESS, it's absolutely massive! I'm genuinely in disbelief! It's giant, and the Warehouse store is really big too! I've got my interview/chat on Saturday, really looking forward to that!
It's all happening so quickly now! Eek.


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