Tuesday, 26 June 2012

~ in a picture perfect world

| lace shirt: oasis | high-waisted shorts: river island |

The high-waisted shorts that never go away.. Honestly, I have not taken them off! Probably because EVERYTHING goes with them! And this top was new in work a couple of days ago, and it's so cute, and it was cheap too, only £18, which is cheap for oasis, I swear.
I'm back in to the magnetism nail polish! Such a great effect and it dries near instantly, although I had a few mishaps with putting the magnet too close and scuffing the polish.
I've done my last college shows now! All done and dusted, just got to upload my last few pieces of coursework, and then my end of year tutorial, then that is IT! All done, and it feels incredible, finally!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

~ it's time you had the talk

| blouse: oasis | high-waisted shorts: river island |

Hello new blouse! Thank you work.. Taking all my hard-earned pennies right back from me. It's very vintage-esque and easy to wear, which makes it so loveable!
And I told you these shorts would become a MASSIVE part of my life, yep, it's happened. I wear them with absolutely everything possible.
Oh, and those sunglasses.. were £3.50! For me anyway.. I won a competition in work, selling 20 dresses in 1 day before any other staff member, and the winner got to choose a pair of sunglasses and receive 75% off the retail price, so they'd normally be £14, but I got them for so much less! I don't normally wear sunglasses, but I have tried to wear them more seeing as I got them SO cheap, and we've had some gorgeous weather here, so it's been the perfect time for it!
Final week of college! Over with the mask performances, now for the Musical Theatre showcase, finally! Can't wait, and my best friend comes home tomorrow for the summer! GAH, she's been greatly missed.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

~ can I handle the seasons

| high-waisted shorts: river island | vest: oasis | biker jacket: zara |

Hello! I really liked this outfit, as it kind of looks like a playsuit or a 2 in 1 of some kind. As I predicted, I am LIVING in these little shorts, dressed up and dressed down, bang on trend.
I'm growing ever more aware of all my friends around me turning 18, tonight was my lovely friend Sophie's surprise meal and drinks affair for her 18th, and I realised, everyone who attended was 18, and I still have 2 and a half months left until I turn the big 1-8. I am a young'en with my birthday falling on 31st August, last one in the year.. And I'm growing impatient! 
Anyway, so it's only Thursday and I've already done 25.5 hours at work! And another 4 this weekend down in the concession in House of Fraser, and as I thought, the sale launch was MENTAL, so many customers, so many orders coming in! But honestly, it's such a great sale it's no surprise!
And, it's most definitely the home stretch as far as college is concerned, it's the final week before our end of year showcases, so we're doing technical runs, getting everything prepared and finishing off the final bits of work, and then we have a round off week after the shows, which I probably won't even go in for all of it, as I've kept up to date with my written work, which is a rarity! I'm so excited it's nearly over, then the next things are my final show in Plymouth with Music of the Night, my birthday and then 2 weeks later I move out and off up to London, oh it's all coming about quickly!
I'll have to grow up then, I guess..

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

~ call your girlfriend

| shirt and shorts: oasis |

Yo homies, terrible outfit post today, as I didn't even wear this today, but I wanted to blog so I thought I'd show you something different, as I wore my work uniform again today, for my 8 hour shift, yay(!)
Also, this was my first attempt at ombre nails, I'd tried them before under leopard print so even if it was awful I wouldn't have known. This photo isn't all that good, but I have one on my phone which shows it off quite well, I'm going to Instagram it as soon as I have my phone working again (big dispute with TalkMobile, they're saying I've gone over my contract by a ridiculous amount in only 1 week of switching contracts, and in the only week I barely used my phone, they have problems!)
We were prepping for THE BIGGEST SUMMER SALE EVER! Honestly guys, there is so much great stuff! And here are just a few examples..

As you can probably sense, I'm ordering every single one of the above items.. Okay maybe not all, but the black cutout dress and the royal blue maxi, definitely!
Check it out guys, I'm sure you'll love it!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

~ take what the water gave me

| dress: oasis |

Hola new work uniform! 100% silk, belted and buttoned at the back, and SO GORGEOUS! I fell in love with it as soon as it came in! £75 though, so it bit an epic chunk out of my uniform allowance, oh well, it was worth it! And today was my first shift wearing it, and I can say it's very comfortable and easy to move in, maybe not so elegant when you bend down, it has a tighter-fitting underskirt which made it a bit weird to bend down in, but otherwise I really love it, and I highly recommend it.
Also, I will just say, watch out for something great from Oasis, that's all I'm saying!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

~ the leoparded waist

| shirt: H&M | high-waisted shorts: River Island |

My last outfit post was over 2 MONTHS AGO! I am an utter disgrace, and I'll tell you why! First of all, my computer finally DIED, completely died, with all my college coursework and LCM prep on it, all gone! So I spent about a week solid re-doing everything, WHAT A PAIN!
And then, I lost my camera (Well, I didn't, I just found it an hour ago in one of my old bags) I thought I left it at the theatre during my last show, so I gave up, and was actually saving up for a new one, so that can now go in to the LCM fund! (when I say LCM I mean London College of Music btw). So that was a panic indeed!
So I'm definitely going to be blogging regularly now, I shall put my camera in a safe place! 
I have bought SO many clothes recently, really been changing it up, so there'll be a lot of new outfit posts and some more different ways of wearing!
Basically, I have been wearing those polka dot shorts A LOT recently (pictured here) but the only thing I've been able to wear them with is a loose-fitting white shirt (pictured here but in an off-white colour) and I got SO bored of that outfit (I'm sure I'll do a post featuring that outfit soon!) but I absolutely loved the tailoring and sophistication of that outfit, so I'd been on the hunt for some plain black shorts in the same style, and I had been looking for so long, and I couldn't find anything that was close to what I had in mind, then on the Thursday just gone, I went in to River Island and picked up these babies! And I love them so much! Now I can wear any patterned shirt/top I wish, as I don't have to worry about clashing with the polka dot print, some don't mind mixing prints, I certainly cannot pull it off! 
This shirt is the comfiest yet cutest little thing! And yes it's little, as it's a size 6! I've been on quite a health kick recently, getting ready to go off to LCM in September, I wanted to be fit and trim, and hopefully keep it up while I'm up there. The shorts are a size 8, which I wouldn't have normally fitted in to at all, very pleased!
Anyway, I'm actually organising a giveaway right now! My first one, so keep your eyes peeled for that!