Saturday, 9 June 2012

~ the leoparded waist

| shirt: H&M | high-waisted shorts: River Island |

My last outfit post was over 2 MONTHS AGO! I am an utter disgrace, and I'll tell you why! First of all, my computer finally DIED, completely died, with all my college coursework and LCM prep on it, all gone! So I spent about a week solid re-doing everything, WHAT A PAIN!
And then, I lost my camera (Well, I didn't, I just found it an hour ago in one of my old bags) I thought I left it at the theatre during my last show, so I gave up, and was actually saving up for a new one, so that can now go in to the LCM fund! (when I say LCM I mean London College of Music btw). So that was a panic indeed!
So I'm definitely going to be blogging regularly now, I shall put my camera in a safe place! 
I have bought SO many clothes recently, really been changing it up, so there'll be a lot of new outfit posts and some more different ways of wearing!
Basically, I have been wearing those polka dot shorts A LOT recently (pictured here) but the only thing I've been able to wear them with is a loose-fitting white shirt (pictured here but in an off-white colour) and I got SO bored of that outfit (I'm sure I'll do a post featuring that outfit soon!) but I absolutely loved the tailoring and sophistication of that outfit, so I'd been on the hunt for some plain black shorts in the same style, and I had been looking for so long, and I couldn't find anything that was close to what I had in mind, then on the Thursday just gone, I went in to River Island and picked up these babies! And I love them so much! Now I can wear any patterned shirt/top I wish, as I don't have to worry about clashing with the polka dot print, some don't mind mixing prints, I certainly cannot pull it off! 
This shirt is the comfiest yet cutest little thing! And yes it's little, as it's a size 6! I've been on quite a health kick recently, getting ready to go off to LCM in September, I wanted to be fit and trim, and hopefully keep it up while I'm up there. The shorts are a size 8, which I wouldn't have normally fitted in to at all, very pleased!
Anyway, I'm actually organising a giveaway right now! My first one, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


  1. your shirt is so pretty :) x

  2. You look lovely! Really like your shirt.