Tuesday, 12 June 2012

~ call your girlfriend

| shirt and shorts: oasis |

Yo homies, terrible outfit post today, as I didn't even wear this today, but I wanted to blog so I thought I'd show you something different, as I wore my work uniform again today, for my 8 hour shift, yay(!)
Also, this was my first attempt at ombre nails, I'd tried them before under leopard print so even if it was awful I wouldn't have known. This photo isn't all that good, but I have one on my phone which shows it off quite well, I'm going to Instagram it as soon as I have my phone working again (big dispute with TalkMobile, they're saying I've gone over my contract by a ridiculous amount in only 1 week of switching contracts, and in the only week I barely used my phone, they have problems!)
We were prepping for THE BIGGEST SUMMER SALE EVER! Honestly guys, there is so much great stuff! And here are just a few examples..

As you can probably sense, I'm ordering every single one of the above items.. Okay maybe not all, but the black cutout dress and the royal blue maxi, definitely!
Check it out guys, I'm sure you'll love it!


  1. You look really lovely, and I'm loving the ombre nails :)


  2. so lovely & the nails are really cool :)

    PS: love so much the last nude shirt in the panel, aw! amazing! :)
    bisous xxx

    1. I love that one too! So vintage-esque!