Thursday, 14 June 2012

~ can I handle the seasons

| high-waisted shorts: river island | vest: oasis | biker jacket: zara |

Hello! I really liked this outfit, as it kind of looks like a playsuit or a 2 in 1 of some kind. As I predicted, I am LIVING in these little shorts, dressed up and dressed down, bang on trend.
I'm growing ever more aware of all my friends around me turning 18, tonight was my lovely friend Sophie's surprise meal and drinks affair for her 18th, and I realised, everyone who attended was 18, and I still have 2 and a half months left until I turn the big 1-8. I am a young'en with my birthday falling on 31st August, last one in the year.. And I'm growing impatient! 
Anyway, so it's only Thursday and I've already done 25.5 hours at work! And another 4 this weekend down in the concession in House of Fraser, and as I thought, the sale launch was MENTAL, so many customers, so many orders coming in! But honestly, it's such a great sale it's no surprise!
And, it's most definitely the home stretch as far as college is concerned, it's the final week before our end of year showcases, so we're doing technical runs, getting everything prepared and finishing off the final bits of work, and then we have a round off week after the shows, which I probably won't even go in for all of it, as I've kept up to date with my written work, which is a rarity! I'm so excited it's nearly over, then the next things are my final show in Plymouth with Music of the Night, my birthday and then 2 weeks later I move out and off up to London, oh it's all coming about quickly!
I'll have to grow up then, I guess..


  1. Absolutely love the shorts! Your hair is fabulous by the way.. so shiny! xxx

  2. aw! lately i'm so obsessed w/ high-waisted shorts, so lovely :)
    bisous dear xxx

    1. ah, me too! so many different ways to wear them!

  3. Your hair is incredible! Such a gorgeous colour and it looks so healthy and luscious :)
    Really love your outfit!
    Love Holz oxo

    1. Oh thank you my love! I haven't straightened it in about a year aha, it used to be so dry and brittle, it used to fall out aswell! had to pretty much go through hair rehab haha!