Tuesday, 19 June 2012

~ it's time you had the talk

| blouse: oasis | high-waisted shorts: river island |

Hello new blouse! Thank you work.. Taking all my hard-earned pennies right back from me. It's very vintage-esque and easy to wear, which makes it so loveable!
And I told you these shorts would become a MASSIVE part of my life, yep, it's happened. I wear them with absolutely everything possible.
Oh, and those sunglasses.. were £3.50! For me anyway.. I won a competition in work, selling 20 dresses in 1 day before any other staff member, and the winner got to choose a pair of sunglasses and receive 75% off the retail price, so they'd normally be £14, but I got them for so much less! I don't normally wear sunglasses, but I have tried to wear them more seeing as I got them SO cheap, and we've had some gorgeous weather here, so it's been the perfect time for it!
Final week of college! Over with the mask performances, now for the Musical Theatre showcase, finally! Can't wait, and my best friend comes home tomorrow for the summer! GAH, she's been greatly missed.


  1. Loving the blouse! Also great bargain on the glasses xxx

  2. Aw you look so cute! Love your hair :) xx.

  3. Your sunnies are soo cute!! And I love those shorts!


  4. Love the sunnies, they are cute!! xo