Monday, 26 September 2011

Big Cat's Arrival // 26/09/11

  • playsuit - topshop
  • jumper - topshop
  • nails - avon pretty pink, 60 seconds fuschia and 2true liquid eyeliner
Soo, long time no blog! Haven't had a chance to get on the family laptop! I miss my Grandma Dell laptop, poor thing..
Anyway, I'm kind of living in this outfit anyway at the moment so the outfit posts wouldn't have been all that interesting for you! My playsuit that I'm addicted to and then my snuggly jumper. A day alone in the house screams for a comfy outfit like this, but still glam with the print and the short shorts!
And I think I've finally perfected the leopard print nails, even though they don't particularly go with my outfit today, they were the colours I fancied so why not? I'll see if I can make my outfit match to some extent tomorrow, ahh well! I guess that makes an individual!
I'll see if I can get on more frequently to blog, Aaron's coming home on Friday for a few days so hopefully he can sort out my Grandma Dell and I can be back to blogging every day! I've missed it lots.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Granny Leopards // 21/09/11

I've been tinkering around with that leopard print nails tutorial I posted the other day, and I think I've got it down! I'm practising a lot and with all different colours. I've gone through an entire bottle of nail varnish remover in the past couple of days, and my house is permanently smelling like it! They're the only downsides though, I'm loving them! And I'm getting a lot of compliments from people around college :)

I used a really old nude/pinky avon nail varnish for the base colour, and my mother's red for the spots. They're both really old polishes so I don't recommend them at all, they smudged and dried weirdly. So try and get some good quality polishes, because overlapping colours with old polishes is bad news!

Monday, 19 September 2011


So I'm  not feeling so good today, boo! And when I'm not feeling well, I DO MY NAILS! Always cheers me up! So I was browsing and saw her gorgeous leopard print nails, and took a look at the tutorial she linked! Gem Fatale's DIY Leopard Print Nail Tutorial it was so simple and the outcome is gorgeous! It literally took me about 30 minutes!

I used Barry M blue as a base colour, then Spotted Pig by Topshop Nails and then 2true effortless eyeliner, I highly recommend that tutorial, and Gem's hilarious so you'll probably get a wee giggle from the video!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Play with the lions // 17/09/11

  • playsuit - topshop
  • nails - heart of gold from topshop
I literally took these photos about 5 minutes ago, thought I'd be efficient! I LOVE THIS DRESS, I'm off out to a wedding reception now and I thought it'd be perfect! I did a little post a few days ago about how much I wanted this! And I still had a giftcard for Topshop, and student discount bought it down to £20, such a bargain! I love it, it's so versatile as well. I've tried it on it's own, with leggings/tights, with/without a blazer/cardigan and each way looks gorgeous! A very good buy!
The nail varnish is such a gorgeous colour, I'm a little disapointed though, it's been nearly an hour and it's still smudging slightly, I find this does happen a bit with Topshop's sparkly nail colour. So watch out for that guys!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Now, I am going to spew about the amazing glamourous beautifulness of Topshop Nails. Yes here it comes!
It comes in nearly every colour you can possibly imagine, and it's quick drying and does not chip at all! I usually have nail varnish that I love the colour of, but I never wear because it's ridiculous being expected to wait about an hour to dry, I mean seriously, sitting and not moving your hands for about an hour just in case you knock the colour, I'm the queen of exaggeration, but I'm being completely honest here! But not with Topshop Nails, the colours are beautiful and rich, and it's dry in less than ten minutes! I highly recommend it!
I have 3 colours of my own at the moment. And at only £5 a pop, I'll happily buy up the entire collection!