Saturday, 17 September 2011

Play with the lions // 17/09/11

  • playsuit - topshop
  • nails - heart of gold from topshop
I literally took these photos about 5 minutes ago, thought I'd be efficient! I LOVE THIS DRESS, I'm off out to a wedding reception now and I thought it'd be perfect! I did a little post a few days ago about how much I wanted this! And I still had a giftcard for Topshop, and student discount bought it down to £20, such a bargain! I love it, it's so versatile as well. I've tried it on it's own, with leggings/tights, with/without a blazer/cardigan and each way looks gorgeous! A very good buy!
The nail varnish is such a gorgeous colour, I'm a little disapointed though, it's been nearly an hour and it's still smudging slightly, I find this does happen a bit with Topshop's sparkly nail colour. So watch out for that guys!


  1. How much is this playsuit normally? i love it!

  2. it's £34 pound! it's totally worth the money, it's gorgeous!