Monday, 19 September 2011


So I'm  not feeling so good today, boo! And when I'm not feeling well, I DO MY NAILS! Always cheers me up! So I was browsing and saw her gorgeous leopard print nails, and took a look at the tutorial she linked! Gem Fatale's DIY Leopard Print Nail Tutorial it was so simple and the outcome is gorgeous! It literally took me about 30 minutes!

I used Barry M blue as a base colour, then Spotted Pig by Topshop Nails and then 2true effortless eyeliner, I highly recommend that tutorial, and Gem's hilarious so you'll probably get a wee giggle from the video!


  1. thank you for the follow, very jealous that you work in topshop! xx

  2. no problem sweet! aha, i'm so lucky to be there! xo