Monday, 26 September 2011

Big Cat's Arrival // 26/09/11

  • playsuit - topshop
  • jumper - topshop
  • nails - avon pretty pink, 60 seconds fuschia and 2true liquid eyeliner
Soo, long time no blog! Haven't had a chance to get on the family laptop! I miss my Grandma Dell laptop, poor thing..
Anyway, I'm kind of living in this outfit anyway at the moment so the outfit posts wouldn't have been all that interesting for you! My playsuit that I'm addicted to and then my snuggly jumper. A day alone in the house screams for a comfy outfit like this, but still glam with the print and the short shorts!
And I think I've finally perfected the leopard print nails, even though they don't particularly go with my outfit today, they were the colours I fancied so why not? I'll see if I can make my outfit match to some extent tomorrow, ahh well! I guess that makes an individual!
I'll see if I can get on more frequently to blog, Aaron's coming home on Friday for a few days so hopefully he can sort out my Grandma Dell and I can be back to blogging every day! I've missed it lots.


  1. Love love love the nail polish!

    major trend right now :)

    follow :)

  2. I know right?! It's such a nice addition to an outfit :) xo