Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Granny Leopards // 21/09/11

I've been tinkering around with that leopard print nails tutorial I posted the other day, and I think I've got it down! I'm practising a lot and with all different colours. I've gone through an entire bottle of nail varnish remover in the past couple of days, and my house is permanently smelling like it! They're the only downsides though, I'm loving them! And I'm getting a lot of compliments from people around college :)

I used a really old nude/pinky avon nail varnish for the base colour, and my mother's red for the spots. They're both really old polishes so I don't recommend them at all, they smudged and dried weirdly. So try and get some good quality polishes, because overlapping colours with old polishes is bad news!


  1. i love your blog i will be sure to tell everyone how wonderful your blog is - i have followed xx

  2. oh how sweet! i like your blog as well! :) xo