Friday, 27 June 2014

mom jeans: river island, crop top: topshop

Happy Summer! It's been so difficult to get an outfit post organised! It's been a full month, now that is shameful, apologies and accept my love please. A lot of lovely things have happened over the past month, me and my wonderful boyfriend went on holiday to the gorgeous Amadores in Gran Canaria, it was the most perfect holiday and we'll never forget it. I've also moved out of my student house in London and am officially back in Plymouth for the Summer, which makes me happy, I'm working with my boyfriend and ready for a long and happy break with him and our families.

Now, outfit time, I've been living in my mom jeans more recently, probably as the weather ain't as glorious anymore, and they fit the climate. Now this is a newly featured crop top, but I wore it a fair bit on holiday, I love the colour and the fit is nice, I have a slight issue with the fact that my bra is rather obvious, depending on the bra I can sometimes get away with it, but it's still a bit of a faf to be honest.

I promised I would be doing more nail-based posts, but I have also failed you there up until now! I will be photographing more of my nail art technique and doing tutorials, but I have a query, do you guys prefer video tutorials, or posted step by step written tutorials? As I don't do videos at the moment, but it might be an idea to get in to! If you guys would like that of course.

Hope you're all enjoying your week!


  1. nails are super cute :-) xx

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  3. your nails are so cuteee!! love the outfit(:
    just followed you!!! would LOVE for you to follow me back(:

    xx shirley

  4. Loving the nails and the whole outfit, got that top in white love it :)

  5. your nails is soo cute !!

    anyway would you mind if we follow each other ?
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  6. ah I really love this outfit! your top is so nice!

  7. Great outfit! I love your top! :)

  8. you look cool:)!
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