Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Now, I am going to spew about the amazing glamourous beautifulness of Topshop Nails. Yes here it comes!
It comes in nearly every colour you can possibly imagine, and it's quick drying and does not chip at all! I usually have nail varnish that I love the colour of, but I never wear because it's ridiculous being expected to wait about an hour to dry, I mean seriously, sitting and not moving your hands for about an hour just in case you knock the colour, I'm the queen of exaggeration, but I'm being completely honest here! But not with Topshop Nails, the colours are beautiful and rich, and it's dry in less than ten minutes! I highly recommend it!
I have 3 colours of my own at the moment. And at only £5 a pop, I'll happily buy up the entire collection!


  1. i have indian summer i was really impressed how long it lasted before chipping so good xx

  2. it really is fabulous! on my press-on nails, it NEVER chips at all xo