Saturday, 1 October 2011

Feather Glam // 01/10/11

  • vest - topshop
  • high-wasted jeans - topshop
  • earrings - republic
  • nails - gone fishing by topshop nails

GRANDMA DELL LIVES! Aaron has returned from Uni briefly to see the Wurzels over Tavistock way, so he's finished off my laptop! And it's okayy!! Well, it's survived. He's had to install Windows XP for it to run at all, and I'm having issues getting used to it. Also, the keyboard's gone all mentally ill, the button to do speech marks is usually Shift and the number 2 right? And to do a @ it's Shift and the apostrophe button. My two have completely swapped round! So I have to press Shift 2 for an @ sign and Shift apostrophe for a ". This is confusing just typing it!
Anyway, I had a nice shift at work today. It was glorious weather so it wasn't too manic. I loved my outfit, I bought this top on Friday with my wages, as it was low stock in Glam Underground at work, and I just HAD to get it, it's gorgeous! And looks good with a vest underneath, or a bandeau!
I LOVE MY EARRINGS! I've been looking for some feather earrings for so long! And these were a bargain at just 4 quid! (with 20% student discount), and they're so nice!
Oooh also a wee thing to mentioned, it's only a trial thing so only certain Topshop's will be taking part. But, I'll throw it out there anyway, if you successfully apply for a Topshop account card (no minimum spend needed, so potentially you could buy a nail varnish for a fiver and still get this gift) you will receive a Topshop make-up bag with nearly 20 quids worth of make-up! The prototype I got shown contained make-up wipes, a nail varnish, nail varnish remover pads and an eyeliner. And that is SO worth the money considering you don't have to spend a specific amount to receive it, band tidy eh?


  1. That colour is gorgeous!x

  2. Isn't it just?! I love it, I've only had it a couple of months and I'm nearly out! xo

  3. that vest is amazing! I'm in love with your style!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. Loving the nail colour, how is topshop varnish like? Never tried it myself..

  5. the colours are GREAT very vibrant and lots of choice, but the sparkle colours such as gold/silver/bronze take ages to dry, and smudge nearly upto an hour after you've applied, so that sucks. But the normal colours, i'd highly recommend xo