Monday, 24 October 2011

Earring Tip!

Does anyone else have a problem wearing earrings that aren't genuine gold? I have really sensitive ears and they react REALLY badly when I wear kind of cheap earrings, which is such a shame because I have my pink feather earrings which I love to death and wear as much as I can. But it literally gets to the point where my ears will crust around the earring, and I will have to pull until I'm in pain to get the earring out of my ears. And I was only wearing them for about 4 hours, while at work.

But my mother, the gem that she is, shared a little bit of her wisdom with me the other day. If you take the said earrings, some clear nail varnish (base/top coat will work as well) and if you liberally paint the part of the earring that goes in the ear, and then when it's dry it shouldn't irritate your ear, because it forms a little protective barrier, keeping the gold that isn't genuine away from your delicate little ears.

So these are my pesky earrings that are always causing my ears to crust, and they're always really sore for a few days after wearing them, so grab any clear nail polish, and get painting!

All painted, and I wore them today, no problems at all! They didn't crust and they slipped in and out easily. Thank you mother, another one of your pearls of knowledge!


  1. wow thats a great tip!!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. I dont have sensitive ears but this is such a good tip. You can use it with fake rings and other bits to some getting the green mark they give you if you wear them too long!

  3. very true! anything with fake gold or cheap metal that can irritate your skin, whack a coat of clear polish on it! xo