Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Emily's growing up!

I felt oh so grown up today, I made my first ever meal, from scratch, today! It was my day off so I decided to flip through mumma's healthy cooking books, and found an easy to follow recipe for chicken fried rice!

Ughh, please excuse the lack off effort, I had no where to go so made no attempt to look acceptable. Loving the lounge wear.
So as you can see the kitchen is hideously untidy, I sort of concentrated on not giving my family food poisoning more than tidying as I go along.. Dad tidied this mess later, thank you Daddy.
I felt like sharing my first experience of fending for my family! The compliments on it's taste also made me feel very accomplished.

Oh I need to add, as my Topshop contract nears the end (I'm only covering someone on maternity leave, and the manager messed up and told me it was permanent) I'm on the look out for work! I have an interview at H Samuel on Monday, so I'll definitely keep you updated on the jobhut front!


  1. looks yummy! I'm envious, I can't cook to save my life! and you look gorgeous! I wish I looked that good when I'm lounging around!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. it was really good actually! surprised myself with my cooking skills:

    awww thank you sweety! xo

  3. Haha awh, you did a good job, it looks yummy!
    Good luck on your job interview lovely!


  4. thank you, it was!
    thanks sweet, hopefully all goes well!