Sunday, 2 September 2012

~ I'm always in this twilight.

| oversized tee (Size XS): oasis | scallop-edged shorts(Size 8): oasis | polka-dot tights(small/medium): oasis | pumps: deichmann | biker jacket(Size XS): zara |

So sorry! I know I promised birthday outfit posts, but alas my weekend was JAM PACKED, and rightly so! It was incredible! My birthday was such a lovely day and with it being payday as well I spent quite a lot of time online shopping, hehe. I got so many lovely things, my gorgeous best friend Danielle got me 18 presents for my 18th birthday, including a little package with a note saying "the one you have loose" and I opened it, it was a screw, the screw I have loose, she thinks she's funny. Along with a lot of leopard print things, ahh she knows me so well. I had a fabulous party too, lots of lovely people and was lovely to see them all again before I leave. It's not the greatest picture, and as you can tell I'm royally sloshed by this point of the evening, but this was my outfit!

Little aqua/turquoise mini dress, loved it! And then I went out last night as well, I'm probably going to do a quick post on that one tomorrow, as it's a Missguided playsuit it's incredible! Really cheeky shorts, but hey ho I do not care! I'll try and be more regular with posting from now on, been such a mental weekend. But thanks to those who wished me a happy birthday too, means a lot!


  1. You always look so pretty Mrs!
    I hope you had the best birthday.
    Also, you have amazing clothes.
    Hope to speak soon xx

  2. that blue dress is absolutely GORGEOUS! and so are you:)
    hope you had a fantastic birthday