Thursday, 30 August 2012

~ we were barely seventeen.

Just a quick PRE-BIRTHDAY POST! I'm too excited to sleep and have drained every other entertainment resource available to me, pretty much. So I took au naturaaaaal pictures and decided to do a weirdly un-fashion related blog post to pass the time, an hour and 9 minutes, totally not counting... Now an hour and 8.
It's been an especially long wait for this day for me! My best friend was 18 last March and has been waiting patiently for me for 17 months to turn the big 1 8! Most of my pals have been 18 for a considerable amount of time as well, so while they've all been going "Yeah let's hit Oceana tonight" I've been replying "Oh cool, have fun guys, I'll just watch Bargain Hunt." literally.. That is no word of a lie..
I'll most definitely do an outfit post with the full ensemble tomorrow! I'm getting my make-up done at Smashbox tomorrow (for free I might add, woop woop) So I'll definitely be telling you how that was tomorrow, and you'll see the finish results. And I found the PERFECT nail varnish for my dress, literally a perfect match, thankfully! Oh well, you'll all see it tomorrow, how good the blog posts will be I have no idea because I plan to drink most of the day tomorrow, I'm 18. Deal with it.


  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow!!!


  2. It's my birthday too and i'm also 18! Everyone's been waiting for me to turn 18 so i totally understand how you feel! Hope you have an amazing day! xo

    1. Hope you had a great birthday too! We're the young ones hehe :) finally we can enjoy adulthood with everyone else, ha!

  3. Have an amazing day!! and Happy Birthday :)

  4. So happy birthday and congrats! You're an adult now, lol!! It's a big step this year..!!

    Have a great time having fun!

    Wherever the Sunset is