Saturday, 18 August 2012

~ it's your chance to make it.

| jade jeggings (size 8): oasis | van-alikes: deichmann | relaxed t-shirt(size 6): oasis

Got my girl to do my photos for me today, a proper full length outfit post for the first time! Thank Danielle for that one! It was a pretty simplistic look for me today, wasn't up to much, so it was nice and casual. LOVE the relaxed tee though, comfy and oversized makes for a nice but a bit fashionable too, not a total tramp haha! I have no idea where this scarf is from btw, my mother bought it back from Turkey, probably from a cheapy market school, but it's too cute right? Brightens up my plain outfit right? Good! Well that's what I was going for, hopefully it came across.. hopefully...
Good luck and congrats to everyone who got their results on Thursday! Hopefully you got what you needed and more!


  1. Cant go wrong with a white over sized tee with some black jeans x

  2. Simple yet lovely:) I love the mix of purple, black and white!x

  3. I love your jacket! You look so pretty


  4. Love your blog, you're so cute! i'm following you. Hope you'll check out my blog