Monday, 20 August 2012


Hillary Strapless Body: £25 @ Motel 

I absolutely love bodys at the moment, I don't actually have one (..yet) but I'm just thinking in my mind so many gorgeous outfits they can make up! This one especially is so beautiful, it's just a gorgeous print and the colours it contains will literally go with so much, the main colour is black so that's a gem right there, but there is some navy, green, pink, cream, so you can pop in with so many different shoes/trousers/skirts/bags etc! I've made a new rule for myself, if I can't think of about half a dozen things for an item to go with, I am not allowed to buy it (okay maybe mother made that rule, but it does make sense.. I guess.)


  1. the bodies at Motel are totally awesome, my favourite is the one with black and white stipes, but this one is lovely! xx

    1. there are so many to choose from! love it!

  2. Oh gosh this is lush! Wish I could pull something like that off!