Monday, 20 August 2012

~ back to the sun, back to the shore.

| blouse(size XS): zara | jade jeggings(size 8): oasis | blinging shoes: oasis | nails: models own "feeling blue" |

Oh how victorian this blouse makes me feel, had it for years and I still love it just as much. It's quite thin and it's an easy way to spice up a simple pair of jeans and plain pumps, a nice frilly top! And again, living in the Jade Jeggings, so soft, comfy and slimming, honestly my legs look incredible in them (not to sound too conceited, mind). These are the shoes I have been after for months! Been literally oggling them in work, but alas, they sold out of my size straight away, as per usual. But about a week ago we had a random replenishment tote in, and there they were! I must admit, I squealed a little bit.. But they are golden, honestly. They are soft, so no breaking in period! Can literally wear them to my hearts content and no blisters! They do really jazz up any plain outfit, and I also got a bag in work that matches them PERFECTLY (see here), it was the perfect day for shopping in work, that's the problem with working in Oasis, I earn the money and then in goes directly back in to their tills, sly boots..
I rediscovered my love for Model's Own polish yesterday! This blue is SO vibrant, people are really drawn to it haha! Something simple, but still pops without the hassle of adding nail art, just not feeling it this time, haha!
It's now only 11 days until my birthday! Eek, I guess I'll have to grow up soon... NAAAAHT. But me and mother went in town today, we've already got my birthday party dress (here) and we bought some gorgeous nude patent platforms from Debenhams, and then a matching patent bag from Next, (here and here), birthday outfit finally sorted! And 25 days until I move to London, oh my gosh. It's finally becoming real, me and mumma are getting emotional every evening with the same conversation "who is going to hug me when I go to bed up there, Em?" I love that woman, and will probably Skype her every night for that cuddle.. Bless..


  1. Gorgeous blouse and shoes! & I'm the same with my mum! You moving to London for university? xo

    1. Thanks hun! Yes I am :) London College's Conservatoire on Music!

  2. I love the shirt, you so look amazing x

  3. this is so cute - love the nail colour! xx

  4. Lovely nail polish! Such a sweet outfit, love the vintage look shirt!
    R xo

  5. oh goodness! you are so pretty! :O
    I ADORE your flats. (I have a shoe craze haha)

    xoxo Thania

  6. i love your blousse! (:


  7. cute photos! you look lovely! the blouse is so delicate and pretty

  8. that is a really pretty shirt. i had a nose through your other posts. you've got a cute style. xx

  9. i love all your clothes, and you're absolutely gorgeous.
    you're very lucky missus, you know?!
    i really hope we can speak soon, you seem so lovely.
    laura xx

  10. I love this look. Classic, black and white outfits, so basic yet so stylish.