Wednesday, 26 March 2014

it's an animal thing

dress: topshop, jumper: zara

Ahh, I had the best discovery on the weekend. I visited home to see my new foster brother and I had a wee old rummage around my closet and found about 20 items of clothing that I haven't worn in about 3/4 years! This is a uniform dress from back when I worked for Topshop (Summer 2011) and I bought the jumper to go with it, it's the most adorable outfit ever, and I stopped wearing it when the dress and jumper got too small as I grew up, but now nearly 4 years later it fits again, and it's the cutest little ensemble with my patent black brogues and tights.

The weather has taken an ugly turn again, feels almost like winter again! Too cold and I am a misery for it! Assignments and Practical Assessments are taking over my life at the moment, Easter break this Friday cannot come any quicker! 2 weeks off to regain some sanity!

Hope everyone is having a super week!


  1. Looks really cool :)

  2. I've been wearing button ups under sweaters non stop! I'm into that preppy/sporty look.