Wednesday, 2 April 2014

childs plaid

jumper: gap, skirt: new look (generation 915), shoes: next

As you fellow student may know, it was loan day earlier this week, and of course I may have spent a fair bit on some fabulous new purchases! Included in this spree was this beautiful skirt and these amazing shoes.
The blue version of this jumper was featured in an earlier post, so it's identical to that one bar the colour, extra comfy, it's been washed a fair few times and it's still kept it's shape and size, so no complaints there!
Now, on to the wonderfulness of this skirt, as you can tell by the way I'm gushing, I'm pretty besotted with it. And who can blame me? I've taken to shopping in the Generation 915 collection in New Look, I know it's technically the kiddies section, but come on! A piece this beautiful shouldn't have an age limit, well not to me anyway. And because it's a kids item, the price was a little cheaper than it would have been in the regular adult range, it is so comfy, also very flattering and fits very well, doesn't bunch up and I'm not forever adjusting it, which I've had a problem with mainly with skirts. So I also cannot complain about this one!
And now the best til last I feel, these wonderful shoes, I had a similar pair a few years back from New Look, but unfortunately I wore the hell out of them, and they were unrecognisable after about 3/4 months of wear, so I was determined to find a decent, well made and sturdy pair of flats like this. And hey presto, I found the perfect pair in Next, I hadn't had chance to wear them in before I went out in them today, but to be honest I really didn't need to, these are the comfiest things, and so cute with the entire ensemble.

Loving my easter break, lots of work and lots of family time, couldn't ask for more! Hope everyone's enjoying the break if it's started for you, if not, have a lovely week!


  1. You're very cute!
    Love your blog. Keep it up!

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  2. love the skirt! new follower :) it would be great if you could check out my channel? Xx

  3. Lovely outifit! Love your blog! Check out mine if youre interested

  4. Love that little check skirt, so cute!

  5. Cute skirt!

  6. Great outfit! x Tara