Monday, 28 April 2014

prom wear

It's that time of year! I know it's 2 months in advance for all the British school proms, but I know for a fact girls will be looking for dresses and getting prepared for it as soon as right now.

Now my prom is a distant memory, back 4 years ago now, but I definitely remember the army-like preparation for the big day, and the scoping of dozens of dress shops and accessory shops! Here's a nostalgia filled photo of my lovely prom day (June 2010)

Now, as a typical girl, I love a good shopping spree, but I remember for a fact the pain of finding a dress that fitted properly, the only reason I could wear this one was because we had it altered (at a hefty fee, unfortunately) as there seemed to be no dresses anywhere in my size (pretty much a 4 at that time)

I wish I had the option and idea to order my prom dress online, custom made, with my precise measurements able to be shipped directly to me.

There are many website able to do this now adays, and a website I have fallen in love with, firstly because of their custom sizing option, and also for their fabulous range and variety of beautiful prom dresses (they also sell wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, which are also stunning!), is Miss Wedding Wear, they sell wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses and various other event dresses. Here are some of my favourite prom dresses, they are also really reasonably priced, the amount of girls in my year at school who'd spent upwards of £400 on their prom dress, and most of these beautiful pieces retail at less than £100, I think they're stunning and affordable, and hopefully will help you beautiful girls to look back on your prom with happy memories!

And all these beautiful pieces (plus another 58 pages of other beauties!) also come in any colour imaginable, they also come in standard sizes, or in custom made-to-measure sizes.

So, if you're struggling to pick the perfect dress for the big day, take a little visit to Miss Wedding Wear and pick from a gigantic range of various styles, lengths and colours, and make prom a wonderful day to remember, for an affordable price!

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