Wednesday, 16 April 2014

momma's and beverages

t-shirt: primark, mom jeans: river island

Hola kids! So I bought a lovely new outfit today! The weather is so lushous at the moment, so I needed a slightly more fitting outfit for the climate, so ta dah! 

Now I've been debating on Mom jeans for a while now, I went off the idea when I tried on a less that flattering pair in Republic a few months back, but I spied these beauties in River Island and thought I'd give them a second chance. Thank goodness I did because I am officially in love! They are so comfy and the light, slightly acid wash colour is perfect for this kind of weather. Highly recommend these, at £40 they are a stretch money wise, but they come with a thick belt, and they are very well made so it's really worth it.

I thought this tee was adorable, and it's a nice fit on me, so I bought it. Pretty simple explanation for that one really.

Hope everyone is enjoying their easter, and hope the weather is as wonderful where you are, like it is here in London!

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