Wednesday, 5 March 2014

starting my life book

I'm finally doing it! I've wanted to start one of these for beyond a long time now, it's a struggle being a perfectionist as I can never bring myself to start books/journals/scrapbooks as I'm too worried about ruining them. But I've done it, and it's started now, so I've got to carry on through now!

I purchased this leather journal from Urban Outfitters (£26) and never wanted to ruin it, so it's been sat on my side for nearly 2 months without so much as a pencil touching the pages. Now there are at least 6 full pages.

A life book for me, is to document my days, but not like a diary, through illustrations and blunt, honest thoughts about the day, things to look forward to, and coping mechanisms for me in every day life. I won't take pictures of my day by day pages as there are personal things about my life that are not going to be publicised, but the back of this book features my 100 item Bucket List.

6 of the goals are listed above, but they cover every avenue and very varied subject areas, but I've always wanted to make a detailed and an extended Bucket List, so I can make my life more exciting and create memories for myself and my family/friends.

If any of you have a similar life book/scrapbook/journal, please link me as I love reading about other peoples journaling!


  1. I was tempted to start something like this but I am rubbish with sticking to stuff! My memory is terrible though so I wanted to start documenting what I've been doing and what I want to do...

    Jaynie Beauty & Style - I Follow Back. xox

    1. my thoughts exactly! I hope you start one :) it's very cathartic!

  2. I'm like you with notebooks, I don't like to use them! This is such a lovely idea though, what a lovely use for the book.

    Lindsey. x

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  4. i started a few of these books but than i forget about it and stop looking in it. maybe i should start a new one! xx

  5. I started a diary type thing this year as well, and one of my resolutions was to keep writing in it everyday... hopefully I'll stick to it!
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