Wednesday, 12 March 2014

a summer change

jumper: oasis, sleeveless shirt: mango, floral trousers: zara

It's finally warmer! Thank goodness, I thought I'd have no time to wear all my summer clothing, but it's around 15/16 degrees, while it's not tropical yet, I'm finally able to leave my sheepskin at home and not be a shivering mess. 

Mother bought this sleeveless shirt for me, apparently mango was having a mega sale and she couldn't contain herself, so she picked me up this, a top for holiday, white jeans, navy shimmery jeans (they sound rank, but they are actually brilliant) and a few other bits and bobs, which I'm sure I'll feature soon. The good old faithful floral trousers make their second appearance, they are so easy and so comfortable I can't not wear them on days like this! 

I hope you're all enjoying this lovely change in weather also!


  1. Gorgeous outfit - I particularly like the shirt :)

    Lovely blog x

  2. ahh those trousers! can't get enough of floral prints now that spring is here!

  3. You look so cute:D
    I'm a beginning blogger, check it out

  4. Your trousers are so cute, perfect for spring.
    The pattern really makes me happy. :)

  5. cute look! your blog is very lovely and interesting. i`m glad if you visit my blog, too<3