Monday, 12 March 2012

~ thunder and lightning thighs

| blouse, leggings: topshop | long undershirt: H&M |

I'm starting to blog a bit more regularly now, hallelujah! I love this outfit, very casual, yet the blouse smartens it up! The blouse also features a slit from the shoulder blades down the centre, and a slight racer back. I'd been on the hunt for a black shirt ever since I saw my friend Sophie rock one the other week during a Nando's date (coolest of the cool), and went on a store-to-store search immediately!
I'm reviving the trusty topshop leggings, comfiest things in the world! I worry it can look chavvy with certain outfits, but I'm convinced this one isn't one of those offenders (right?!)
I've also started changing my nails daily again! Haha, it's such an addiction though! You plan your outfit for the day, pick out some perfect colours and get painting! Such a nice way to spend your evening, making your nails in to works of art!
No time for that this evening though, just in from work after prepping the store for our SALE! Yes, Oasis goes in to sale tomorrow, and I must say, there are some GEMS! One I'm planning on picking up online (my store doesn't stock it! boo) is this beauty

2 in 1 chiffon playsuit! We had one returned the other day in a size 12, I did try it on, but I DEFINITELY need a few sizes smaller. But my god it was beautiful! It's going down to £40 so I'll be able to get it for £24, not bad at all I must say!
Make sure you check it out!


  1. you have an amazing style. i'm your new follower.
    maybe you like my blog too.


  2. omg LOVE you style. & that shirt it's simply AMAZING, aww!
    So,I follow you immediately :). I really hope you can check my blog too, if you like, i'll be really glad!

  3. I LOVE your style its amazing I LOVE the nails and your outfit is fab xx

  4. Love this outfit, the leggings are gorgeous! You're so pretty xx