Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Crotchet and Car Rides // 21/12/11

| t-shirt, leather jeans: oasis |

Some more of my fabulous uniform! Been working pretty much every day this week, so it was bound to come up eventually! These skinnies are so comfortable, stretchy and easy to move in, so lovely for work, and with heels it'll be equally gorg on a night out. And this top is so cute, I feel very 'pretty' when I'm wearing it, and I always get compliments from customers, and a few have even gone and bought one for themselves, which is a nice feeling!
On the Christmas front, I'm done with my shopping! And I'm actually pretty chuffed at my presents, I usually am abysmal at choosing presents for people.. I'll get them a teddy or something.. But I've got all my loved ones things they were after, result!


  1. Love the top, its so delicate and pretty xx

  2. Thank you for the blog award! You look lovely, purple really suits you.

    I often spy on what the staff are wearing and think 'hmmm... might get that myself!' ha.

  3. That top is wonderful! I've still got a couple of little presents to buy, but I've done the vast majority thankfully

  4. I worked at Oasis for a few month this year and when I discovered the jeans I was soo happy! Especially the jeggings! Love them do much

  5. That top is GORGEOUS! I'm too jealous of where you work! xxx

  6. You're so pretty! Love your top, such a gorgeous colour. <3