Monday, 2 January 2012

Chelsea and Sophisticated Feathers // 02/01/12

 | jumper, jeans: oasis | earrings: primark |

I am in love with this jumper! I didn't really think much of it when it was hung up at work, but then I had to pop it on a mannequin, and I saw how it fell lovely and flattered the figure, and HAD to get it. Pretty steep at £55, I did get it for only £33, but that's a testament to how well it's been made, it's the comfiest thing ever. And those earrings were only..... ONE POUND... Mother got them for me for Christmas and I couldn't believe it when she told me, they're pretty neutral and lovely at the same time. Perfect for casual daywear or evening!

Long time no speak fellow bloggers! You know how it is over Christmas though, my Grandparents have been down for the last 10 days and they took over my room for most of it, so no computer/photo taking opportunities. I've had such a lovely Christmas though! And a hilarious new year party with my family and friends, I wish I'd got a photo of my outfit, it was a 70s gold jumpsuit! It was insanely authentic and epic. I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season!


  1. Love the detailing on the jumper! x

  2. Love the jumper, it looks so comfy!
    Not sure Id pay £55 though.

  3. y'know, I definitely would not have paid £55, I'm quite surprised I even paid £33.
    But I need a snuggle winter jumper for the cold months ahead! xo