Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Blouses and Hot Sauce // 04/01/12

| blouse: topshop | jeans: oasis |

I am absolutely in love with this blouse! I first spotted it months ago back when I was working there, I guess they've bought it back! So I snapped it up immediately before it scampered off again. Nice and baggy and comfortable, yet sheer to glam it up a bit! And THE NAILS!! I finally took the plunge and tried the magnetism polish, and man do I love it! Just shake the bottle, two thin coats on the nail, hold the magnet over the wet polish for about 8 seconds, then voila! And it dries very quickly, so no worries about ruining the effect.

On the life front, I returned to college today! Checked out some grades from last terms, distinction for my jazz exam, which I'm loving! And alas, only a merit for the group drama performance, 1 portion was a distinction but the rest were merits, bit disappointed but I know what to improve on for the next assignments and can still get three distinctions overall.
Also, as my Christmas contract nears the end at Oasis (I know, I seem to flit from job to job!) I'm on the job hunt again, my manager has said there's a possibility they'll keep me, they just need to check the budget for the next quarter to see if they can afford it, so I'm not taking any chances. I've actually already got an interview for the Quiz clothing concession in my local Debenhams, which would be GREAT, as I'm probably more likely to love the clothes there more than in Oasis.
How's everyone taken the transition from the Christmas hustle and bustle, back in to normal life?


  1. love the blouse, you are gorgeous xx

  2. Oh, that blouse is lovely!
    And the nails are amazing!

  3. This blouse is so cute!
    I am the same as you, always seem to be going from job to job! x

  4. I love the blouse!

  5. ooo those nails are really cool, I keep meaning to get my hands on some magnetised nail polish! xxx

  6. The nails are gorgeous! i love the colour too, i only have a purple magnetic one!

  7. I love the blouse! I just bought an aztec skirt and wasn't sure what to wear with it, I'll definitely be getting my hands on this! Love your blog :) x