Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Leather and Panic Attacks // 01/02/12

 | vest, top, jacket, jeans: oasis |

So much going on guys! Honestly so much to share!
I bought a real leather jacket, first of all, from my lovely work so it wasn't too expensive. OH, I got taken on permanently at Oasis, so no more job hunting for me! Such a relief as I really love it there. Yes, the jacket was originally £165, but my staff discount was increased to 50% for a few days, so at £82.50 I gave it!

Also, I had my first university audition this Saturday just gone, at West London, my absolute DREAM university, perfect course, perfect location, perfect everything! And the audition was great they told us all about the course, and in our final year we'll be performing at Soho West End Theatre, a proper West End theatre!! AHHH! 
So, the audition went really well for me, they said we wouldn't find out that day if we were receiving an offer, but they called me back in afterwards and told me I'd definitely receive a conditional offer!! You should have seen my face haha! Smiling like a mug! The official offer came through today, and I only need 200 points, and I'm predicted 320, so even if things go drastically wrong, it's still attainable! Honestly, it's been one of the best months ever!

Anyone else applying for Uni at the moment?


  1. congrats on the offer!! I bet you would have so much fun in west london
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  2. i hope so! i'm so excited:D it's always been my dream to live in london:) xo