Monday, 23 July 2012

~ and there's glitter on the floor.

| sleeveless leather jacket: topshop | sparkle tee and jeans: oasis |

First off, can we all be sweeties and ignore my frightfully orange right arm.. :( I'm ashamed, but my fake tan ran out, so I nabbed a bit of my mum's from her bedroom, forgot to read that it's for medium skin, I am obviously the palest of pales. So these were taken this morning, I've exfoliated until my arms are bright red, but it's gone now! And I've bought a new one with a difuser and for light skin tones, cost £15 but if it does the job, maybe I'll do a review in a few days!
I LOVE THIS JACKET! I saw it a while ago, but alas there were only size 10s available, and I really needed the 8, and now it's in the sale for only £25! Down from £42, and I love it, so money well spent! The top is a new uniform piece for work, I'm sure I'll do the full uniform outfit post soon! I love it, it's oversized and a little lower cut at the back which is a nice change to normal tee's, and as it's sparkly it's easy to dress up or down, and I always look for that quality in t-shirts/tops.
I'm still doing alright without my parents, surprisingly.. And I've finally got my housing confirmed for LCM in September! I've confirmed my room and the deposit is payed! I'm getting so excited for it now, finally after all the waiting!


  1. ooo I love your little jacket, it's perfect for the inbetween weather :D
    Love Holz oxo

    1. that's what I thought! and it's serving me well! although down where I live it's BOILING! so i've pretty much been reppin' the bikini!

  2. Love your jacket! Great blog :)