Monday, 24 February 2014

minion nail art

Yes, this is what I spent my afternoon off doing! I have to say it was actually a hell of a lot of fun, I did enjoy myself. When it all came together it was really satisfying to be honest, I was really proud! 

I didn't want to do the entirety of my nails as I thought it would be too much, a bit over the top and would just be for novelty effect, and I wanted a set I could wear and would go with outfits etc.

Here were the steps as to how I completed this set.

(l-r) cover entire base with a yellow, then paint the tip with a blue, add the black detail with a nail art pen or use an acrylic black paint with a small brush, then add a grey/brown between the black detail, a smaller white circle on top of the grey/brown, then add final facial accents with a black nail art pen or acrylic paint.

I joked to my boyfriend that I would give this design a shot, but after he said how awesome I would be (I think he was being sarcastic to be fair) and how much I love taking on new designs, I went for it! 

What do you guys think? And if you have any cool novelty nail art designs link me, I'd love to check them out!